One Bad Rat

Post-production and a new project

#TeamMargie has been very quiet recently and also extremely busy due to a few things!

Firstly, we were given some development money to film a promo for a film adaption of Bryan Talbot‘s award-winning graphic novel “The Tale of the One Bad Rat.” Who’s is Bryan Talbot? Well Bryan Talbot is considered the father of the British Graphic Novel and The Guardian newspaper quoted him as the David Bowie of the comic book world. He has done artwork/story outlines DC comics such as Batman, artwork/stories for 2000AD for the likes of Judge Dread and even collaborated with Neil Gaiman, along with his own cult graphic novels. We plan to use to use the promo to either run another Kickstarter or apply for funding via Creative England. So watch this space in the coming months for ‘One Bad Rat.’

Secondly, we are currently in post-production with the very talented, award-winning editor, Jim Page, who is part of the BAFTA rising stars scene. We’re taking our time with Margie’s Garden to get it perfect for you guys. Then it’ll go for a colour grade, sound mix and then finally it’ll be ready for the screening along with a private online screening for all the backers! So please bear with us while we put the final touches to this amazing film and all the goodies will follow very soon.

Much Love x



Props, Rehearsals, Production

Workshopping on Feb 1st. Then start filming the following day for 5 days solid.. Exciting times for team Margie!! I will post stills of the workshops and throughout the shoot to keep everyone in the loop. Much Love x – Ash


Daisy Cottage

Cast Accommodations for Filming

Cast accommodation for Margie’s Garden! I’m jealous. Country pub next door and a steam train museum across the road.

Casting Change

Hi Guys,

I’ve been harbouring some bad news over the past few days which unfortunately I now have to inform you of. We originally scheduled the shoot dates to fit in with Brendan’s arrival back from America. Sadly Brendan has been in touch and informed us that due to other work commitments he will be remaining in America and therefore will not be able to make the shoot in time. It’s with deepest regret that I have to inform you of this. I know that a large majority of the funders were excited for Brendan’s appearance in the film, and he was a large reason that so many of you have been so generous with your contributions. On a brighter note, I’m happy to announce that we have managed to recast Brendan’s role with the actor George Newton aka Banjo from Shane Meadows’ BAFTA winning cult film ‘This is England’ and television drama.

George Newton

Working with George will be an absolute privilege and something the whole team are very excited about. Brendan continues to support the film and we will work our hardest to produce something that you can all enjoy and take pride in the fact that you were involved in this project with us.

Much Love

Ash x

Thank you to our backers!

Margie The Farmer received international support. Much love, high fives and thanks to the backers (in order of Kickstarter pledge):

  1. Executive Producer – Danz, Springfield, IL, US
  2. Lynne M Sindel (@spahl_l), Monterey, CA, US
  3. Eva Gibson
  4. Susan Maddin (@rokchikk), Canada
  5. Kim Parker (@lunaperla), Paris, France & Bournemouth, UK
  6. Alisha Briner (@ambriner33), Georgetown, IN, US
  7. Andrea Frances (@AndreaflondonQA), London, UK
  8. Chris Maudsley (@chris_maudsley), York, UK
  9. Petra Welzel (@petra5882), Germany
  10. Ivory Rose (@IvoryRoseM), FL, US
  11. Associate Producer – Daniel Clark (@Dannyboy3101), Sacramento, CA, US
  12. Associate Producer – Julie Brethauer (@JulieBrethauer), Chicago, IL, US
  13. Anne Mackey (@picsbyannem), NC, US
  14. Marylou Tousignant, Annandale, VA, US
  15. David Thomas Inge (@dthomasinge)
  16. Gemma Beck, UK
  17. Andrew (@andicus), Southern Ontario, Canada
  18. Eamonn Griffin (@eamonngriffin), Lincolnshire, UK
  19. Liane Lahl, Germany
  20. Catherine G Jones, Gretna, LA, US
  21. Lynda Clark (@Notagoth), Nottingham, UK
  22. Peggy Huffines (@HuffinesPeggy), Minco, OK, US
  23. Stephanie Hardaway (@GranolaStef), CA, US
  24. Silivia Anastasiu (@silvia_a29), Bucharest, Romania
  25. Torsten Ketelsen, Hamburg, Germany
  26. Hayley Greenhalgh (@hayleyg74), Oldham, UK
  27. Kristin Herndon (@KrisHerndon1)
  28. Executive Producer – Erin Jacobson (@creativelens25), Bel Air, MD, US
  29. Carmel Trela (@Mellowmom50), San Francisco, CA, US
  30. Lisa Brandel (@Widow_Lady302), Marysville, OH, US
  31. Sandra Schramm
  32. Dionna Nalls (@dionna17), OH, US
  33. Cheryl Swan (@cherylsw1), Blackpool, UK
  34. Dee Tee, Nottingham, UK
  35. Maik Müller (@Magic_Double_M), Germany
  36. Sammus (@sammusmusic), Ithaca, NY, US
  37. Deb Blackburn (@deb_blacky), Rhyl, North Wales, UK
  38. Brigid McGowan
  39. Anne Flynn, Ireland
  40. Taya Bass (@osubuks92), Cheyenne, WY, US
  41. Executive Producer – Brendan Coyle/Anderson Shelter Productions (@brendancoyle99 )
  42. Adrienne (@AKY_001994) Baltimore, MD, US
  43. Pete Kirk, London, UK
  44. David Belbin (@dbelbin)
  45. KB Coughlin (@kbMapleSugar), New York, NY, US
  46. Lisa Shipman (@LisaShipman2)
  47. Caroline Shutter (@gingerknit), Nottingham, UK

Thank You