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Margie’s Garden now in IMDB

The Internet Movie Database usually won’t accept independent films while they’re still in post-production. Thanks to the recent article in the Sentinel, IMDB made an exception when we submitted Margie’s Garden for consideration. There was proof that this film is happening, has a great cast, and people are already interested in it.

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Photo of article in Stoke Sentinel

Margie’s Garden gets its first newspaper article

“Neighbors were clearly getting suspicious. First they had seen a van arrive and dozens of suspicious-looking plants unloaded and taken into the house. Then, in the dead of night, they witnessed the newcomers to Grosvenor Avenue, Oakhill, digging a grave-sized hole in the allotment…”

Read the rest of the article: Newcastle film-maker on path to success with help from Downton Abbey and Coronation Street stars. (The Sentinel. Stoke-on-Trent, England. 4.4.16)

Production photos

It’s a wrap! Margie’s Garden finished filming on Feb 6 and is now in post-production. Here are some images from the film. Click thumbnails to see larger images:

Digging a Grave

Director Ash Morris and Producer Jen Latham spent a cold Sunday digging a grave for the upcoming film shoot.  It was hard work – after about 1 foot of digging the soil gave way to clay.