Pre-production continues. Ash has been storyboarding…

Margie's Garden Sign

Location Scouting

Location scouting for Margie’s home and garden. (Click thumbnails to open larger images in a new window.)

Thank you to our backers!

Margie The Farmer received international support. Much love, high fives and thanks to the backers (in order of Kickstarter pledge):

  1. Executive Producer – Danz, Springfield, IL, US
  2. Lynne M Sindel (@spahl_l), Monterey, CA, US
  3. Eva Gibson
  4. Susan Maddin (@rokchikk), Canada
  5. Kim Parker (@lunaperla), Paris, France & Bournemouth, UK
  6. Alisha Briner (@ambriner33), Georgetown, IN, US
  7. Andrea Frances (@AndreaflondonQA), London, UK
  8. Chris Maudsley (@chris_maudsley), York, UK
  9. Petra Welzel (@petra5882), Germany
  10. Ivory Rose (@IvoryRoseM), FL, US
  11. Associate Producer – Daniel Clark (@Dannyboy3101), Sacramento, CA, US
  12. Associate Producer – Julie Brethauer (@JulieBrethauer), Chicago, IL, US
  13. Anne Mackey (@picsbyannem), NC, US
  14. Marylou Tousignant, Annandale, VA, US
  15. David Thomas Inge (@dthomasinge)
  16. Gemma Beck, UK
  17. Andrew (@andicus), Southern Ontario, Canada
  18. Eamonn Griffin (@eamonngriffin), Lincolnshire, UK
  19. Liane Lahl, Germany
  20. Catherine G Jones, Gretna, LA, US
  21. Lynda Clark (@Notagoth), Nottingham, UK
  22. Peggy Huffines (@HuffinesPeggy), Minco, OK, US
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  24. Silivia Anastasiu (@silvia_a29), Bucharest, Romania
  25. Torsten Ketelsen, Hamburg, Germany
  26. Hayley Greenhalgh (@hayleyg74), Oldham, UK
  27. Kristin Herndon (@KrisHerndon1)
  28. Executive Producer – Erin Jacobson (@creativelens25), Bel Air, MD, US
  29. Carmel Trela (@Mellowmom50), San Francisco, CA, US
  30. Lisa Brandel (@Widow_Lady302), Marysville, OH, US
  31. Sandra Schramm
  32. Dionna Nalls (@dionna17), OH, US
  33. Cheryl Swan (@cherylsw1), Blackpool, UK
  34. Dee Tee, Nottingham, UK
  35. Maik Müller (@Magic_Double_M), Germany
  36. Sammus (@sammusmusic), Ithaca, NY, US
  37. Deb Blackburn (@deb_blacky), Rhyl, North Wales, UK
  38. Brigid McGowan
  39. Anne Flynn, Ireland
  40. Taya Bass (@osubuks92), Cheyenne, WY, US
  41. Executive Producer – Brendan Coyle/Anderson Shelter Productions (@brendancoyle99 )
  42. Adrienne (@AKY_001994) Baltimore, MD, US
  43. Pete Kirk, London, UK
  44. David Belbin (@dbelbin)
  45. KB Coughlin (@kbMapleSugar), New York, NY, US
  46. Lisa Shipman (@LisaShipman2)
  47. Caroline Shutter (@gingerknit), Nottingham, UK

Thank You

Cannabis prop plants

Ash is heading to London Wednesday to view the cannabis prop plants he intends to rent for filming Margie.

That’s right- there’s a company that rents out fake pot plants. Check out Sugavision for more information.

Or better yet, wander over to YouTube and see these beauties in motion.


Prop Pot Plant