Ash and his producer have spent the past few days been buying props. Lots of Props! Stuff that they’d never use in the real world, like a smoke machine! In addition to the smoke machine, there’s the glass bong, meat mallet, tea set, tea pot, tea cosy and a grow light… the list goes on.


Pre-production continues. Ash has been storyboarding…

Margie's Garden Sign

Location Scouting

Location scouting for Margie’s home and garden. (Click thumbnails to open larger images in a new window.)

Cannabis prop plants

Ash is heading to London Wednesday to view the cannabis prop plants he intends to rent for filming Margie.

That’s right- there’s a company that rents out fake pot plants. Check out Sugavision for more information.

Or better yet, wander over to YouTube and see these beauties in motion.


Prop Pot Plant