Director – Ash Morris

Greetings! From a middle aged, slightly scruffy, bearded part time Lecturer & Filmmaker from West Midlands. I hold a BA Hons in Film, Television and Radio, and a MA in Film Production, Practice and Theory.

I am extremely passionate about Film, as a whole, particular in the areas of British Realism, Working Class Cinema, Subcultures, and Films/Documentaries that blur the lines between fiction and non-fiction.

My work is created under the name Council Child. This is symbolic of Working Class England, striving to create bold, conscious and thought evoking British films.

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Writer – Nicola Monaghan

Nicola is an English novelist and author of The Killing Jar, Starfishing and The Okinawa Dragon. She was listed in The Independent’s New Year 2006 list of rising talent, and won a Betty Trask Award, the Author’s Club Best First Novel Prize and the Waverton Good Read Award for her debut.

The Independent – “Coming from the drug-ridden estates of Nottingham, Nicola Monaghan’s first novel The Killing Jar (Chatto & Windus, March) will not make the same sort of metropolitan splash. Yet this is another exuberant debut that reaches the parts of Britain mainstream fiction usually leaves alone. Monaghan reports in a thrillingly fresh, vital style on the hope and joy that survive in a land of Asbos and addiction.”

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Producer – Jen Latham

Jennie has been involved in film & television for the past 8 years and has been a long contributor on Ash’s projects. In 2012 she flew over to Zimbabwe, Africa as a one-man-band to create an awareness video for the organisation ‘Lets Give Them Hope.’ She captured heart-breaking footage of young children with aids, which was later sent to Canada for awareness and sponsorship purposes. Whilst in Zimbabwe, she met a group of very talented hip-hop dancers and couldn’t resist creating a new documentary. Jennie slummed in the ghetto of Chitungwiza to live amongst them and capture the true passion for dance from people less fortunate. She has worked on music videos aired on MTV Base, worked as a camera operator for the London Parliament debates in Westminster, Olympic live events, and documentaries for music artists.

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Co-Producer – Darren Green

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Executive Producers: Brendan Coyle, Joy Harrison, Erin Jacobson, Jen Danzinger

Associate Producers: Julie Cognato Brethauer, Daniel Clark

Director of Photography – Will Price

Will Price is a freelance Director of Photography based in the midlands. He has been Director of Photography on a large number of short films as well as multiple music videos and many corporate videos.

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Assistant Camera Op 1 – Sandra Birowka

Assistant Camera Op 2 – Sam Atkinson

Assistant Director – Lewis Nicholson

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Sound Recordist –  AF Sound Limited

Adam Fletcher is a sound recordist and production sound mixer located in Derby, England.

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Sound Designer – Richard Smith

Film Editors – Jim Page, Ash Morris, Matthew Jeffery

Wardrobe – Olivia Lauridsen

Makeup Artist – Stephanie Kemp 

Stefanie Kemp is a dedicated, organised and hardworking Make-up Artist. Enthusiastic towards the industry, with a professional approach to learning and gaining experience within make-up, prosthetics & wigs.

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Runners –  Billy Littler, Chris Lawton

Boom Operator  – Laura Clough

Set Design – Ash Morris, Jenni Latham, Tim Kokai

Data Wrangler – Esther Betteley

Runners – Jake More, Emal Khan

Cannabis Props – Sugavision

Composer – Reginald Esquire

Concept Art  – Dean Waite

Dean is freelance artist and illustrator born, raised and based in Islington, North London.

Dean Waite attended Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design, part of the University of the Arts London where he completed his Diploma in Foundation Studies before graduating with BA Honours in Graphic Design. Although completing his degree in Graphic Design, illustration has always been paramount to his work.

Dean Waite revels in his London upbringing. Growing up in an environment with contrasting cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced his style of art and the way he expresses his creativity. His inspiration comes from what he sees around him. The mix of subject matters such as the modern and traditional, urban symbolism, sex, race and cultural difference, all create his realistic and highly detailed works. His imagination is illustrated through the use of a hand drawn, photorealist illustrative style using biro and spray paint as his primary mediums.

(Dean will be commissioned to create one of a kind framed artwork for Executive Producer pledges )

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